Friday, July 6, 2012

Popped my Pink Daisy cherry!

So this may quite be THE worst Pyrex photo ever, but I'm too excited about my most recent 'lil treasure not to post it. It's a 963 divided serving dish that I picked up from a Craigslist ad (is that cheating?), complete with lid and in darn near perfect condition. Originally I had intended on starting my collection with strictly mixing bowls and Cinderella bowls but something about this little beauty screamed, "all the cool kids are doing it" here she is. Me thinks I'll keep her.


  1. I almost had my cherry popped this week! I was in contact with this flake from Kijiji. She was selling the casserole. She said she would bring it to work, texted me & told me she forgot & would bring it tomorrow. I went to the place she told me the next day, they never heard of her, when I texted her, she said she forgot it.


    Love the piece.

    1. What??? People are odd creatures, aren't they? Fingers crossed, it will find you soon!